Friday, November 6, 2009


Dear my valued customers,
I'm sorry to announce that this blog has been put to a halt for a moment..
coz i'm soooooo bz..
i couldn't reply some of ur emails..
But InsyaAllah will attend to it ASAP..

fyi, there are loads of new stocks..
but will make an announcement before i update the blog okay!!
Sorry for the inconvenience..
Will be back soon!!

*To anyone who didn't receive ur stuffs, kindly email me.
and to some customers who has reserved some FMs but not made the payment yet, pls contact me to clarify (either u're still interested or not), coz i've tried to email u guys but no replies.

p/s: ade tak sape2 yg willing nk jadi my distributor coz at this moment my helpers are busy bee as email me if u're interested..many thanks.

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