Thursday, August 20, 2009


Holla peeps...
Sorry for the looonnggg silence..
Well am bz with lotsa things..
am going back home at the end of this u know lah kan..

btw to all my customers..
i'll update ur purchases soon..
sorry for not replying the emails..tak sempat nk refer ur order account..
jgn risau those yg reserved and received my confirmation email..kira booked la tu..
eventho i didn't send the invoice yet...
for the new requests (Belgium) especially, InsyaAllah I'll try to get hold..
tgk la kalau2 ade kwn2 yg pegi sana lagi..

but I'll send u emails ASAP okay!!
stay tuned..
and InsyaAllah everything will be delivered by early Septemeber..(jet lag lagi kan..hehe..)

And lots of new stocks coming..Europe, Aussie, Dubai..etc..
I'll announce/email u guys!!

till then..tata..
Please pray for my safe journey home!!

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