Sunday, July 5, 2009


Dear FM customer yg baru beli my stocks..
I've an announcement to make..
Well terdapat kesilapan teknikal dlm postage all the FMs..
my helper terguna pos berdaftar instead of poslaju
(apology on her behalf coz this is her 1st time)

so I'm still waiting for the full list of postage charges..
I'll refund if I rase overcharge sgt yek..(or u can get discount on ur next purchase!!)
ade byk lg FM coming!! hehe..

for those yg dh dapat pls do acknowledge me.
i'll work it out once I've receive full report...
I'll email u guys personally..

sorry for the inconvenience!!!
Btw Thanks for ur purchase!!

1 comment:

  1. salam...

    hmmm appreaciate sgt klu sertakan sekali saiz magnetto ni...
    ei; xxcm x xxcm