Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hi peeps..
As promised..
Hard Rock Cafe London Magnetto and Bottle Opener..
Well i open an order for this FM..but it will be delivered in August..
But you have to pay some deposit, RM50
(coz this FM is pricey..and I'm a student..paham2 la ye..hehe..)

you can also order HRC FM from other cities (but subject to availabilities)
I'll announce before i go for holiday and you can pay the deposit of RM50
but for the time being only London HRC FM available

Delivery charge: RM6

so enjoy and reserved yours..

email me:


P/S: To my customer yg dh order, I'll send email to you personally..
This FM will be delivered by end of June after full payment made..Thanks..

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