Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe

Hi peeps,
I've got several requests on HRC Magnettos and T-shirt.
Well I might peep the HRC London soon and if anyone interested on anything please let me know..
On the other hand..the good news is I'm going to Amsterdam in June too!!
HRC is one of my WAJIB stop as I'm a shotglass collector and my other half is into T-shirt..
so I can try to look something for u guys..

email me:


  1. Yeeehaaaa!
    i'd like to think I"m one of those who requested HRC Magnetto! One HRC magnetto for every HRC you go, please! (That includes Amsterdam, too).

    And some metal & rubber amsterdam magnetto would be great.


  2. EFS: yup u're one of it..ok ur order noted!! :)

  3. naza, yeah I want too...

  4. naza, sy pun nk gak...klu bleh tlg belikan teddy bear from HRC amsterdam, aritu sy dh nak beli tp out of stock, klu dpt HRC london teddy bear lg la ok, and also the HRC magnetto...i'll bank-in the money later, pls gimme ur bank account no., tq...

  5. halo guys..for those yg seriously nk order, kindly email me please..thanks..